Springdale Officer Pays For Hotel Room To Help Family Escape “In-Home” Sexual Abuser

SPRINGDALE (KFSM) — A Springdale police officer went above and beyond to ensure a family had a safe place to stay during a difficult situation.

Springdale Police recently responded to a call involving the alleged sexual abuse of a little girl from an “in-home offender,” according to a Springdale Police Department Facebook post. The girl’s family consisted of a single mother and four siblings, and they were living on a very limited income.

Due to circumstances outside the officers’ control, the mother had very limited options for finding her family a safe place to stay that night. The post explained that there are a variety of reasons that suspects are not behind bars, whether the arrest can’t be made immediately or if the suspect bonds out in a matter of days or hours.

However, when Officer Trevor Bowen realized the dire situation the family was in, he took money out of his own pocket and paid for the family to stay in a hotel room that night, the post states. He made sure the children and mom would be safe that night, giving them a little more time to figure out a new situation.

“Our men and women at SPD deal with some bad stuff, but the worst is when kids get hurt,” the post states.

While nothing changes what’s happened in the past, Officer Bowen helped make sure the child and her family had a safer future.


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