ATV Accident Survivor To See Top Doctors

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MULDROW (KFSM) -- After much progression following an ATV accident in 2013, Christian Mayberry is headed to Chicago to visit with a new doctor who will help him even further.

"Meet amazing doctors that are going to actually be able to heal my brain that I have injured," Christian said.

For Christian and his mom, the trip will include appointments with top doctors, both featured in the book, The Ghost in My Brain.

"He's going to be seeing a neuro-optometrist and she will be putting him in a series of glasses probably four to six pairs," mother, Kim Mayberry said. "As strange as it sounds, these glasses are going to be helping heal the brain."

Another doctor, experienced in brain training.

"This is a woman that was hired by NASA to come in and train them on her program that she's come up with for the brain," Kim said. "It's pretty phenomenal."

All with hopes that one day Christian will reach his dream of getting his driver's license and what he calls, a real job.

"Just get normal like everyone else, you know," Christian said.

"I want some sense of normalcy for him," Kim said. "On Facebook, everyone just sees the laughing, happy Christian. But, what people don't see is the minute by minute struggles we go through."

Including the struggles with Christian's short term memory.

"He may have to ask me 20 times what someone's name is or where we are going," Kim said.

But, through this journey and while also caring for her husband who has medical concerns of his own, Kim said they keep going.

"You just don't have any choice," Kim said. "When it happens to your son, it happens to your husband, you grab hold of your faith and  you just absolutely believe."

Christian and Kim will be heading to Chicago in a few days and the flights are being covered by Miracle Flights, an organization that helps with the expense of traveling across the country for those with medical needs.

Another group helping Christian get to Chicago are three of his friends; Jered, Jilly and Geanie. The trio are traveling from Florida all the way to Maine, stopping at 28 locations along the way to share Christian's story and raise money for the costly trip to Chicago and future trips needed for treatment.

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