Success In Inaugural Year For Bentonville West Softball

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CENTERTON (KFSM)--For Bentonville West, diving in to the 7A and seeing success was a tall task. Especially in the school's first athletic season.

"It was rough for a lot of teams, but we've kind of had a better record so we've had more encouragement from the teams and a lot of them will come out and watch us and they're really amazed by how good we've played," sophomore Emma Wood said.
"People are kind of surprised with how good we are and how good we hit the field," said junior Anna Griffin.
The Lady Wolverines added former North Little Rock coach Anthony Cantrell, who brought an open mentality to Northwest Arkansas. "We've got twenty one girls and it's a twenty one girl team. So we don't depend on any one person every night."
At most high school softball games, both dugouts are usually energetic. Bentonville West has ridden the energy from its bench all season.
"You have to be able to take the highs and the lows, and cheering in the dugout helps to do that," Cantrell said.
Putting the first season in perspective is important to the Lady Wolverines, especially Griffin. "I think we were all really excited just to come out here and just start new traditions, and make our own way."

"[To] be the first ones to ever be on the team and set all these records. We won our first ever game and that's just really cool to be the first," Wood said.

If the winning trend continues--Bentonville West is 18-8 this spring--there could be a lot more firsts in the near future.