Two Vandergriff Elementary Paraprofessionals Cleared To Return To Work Following Student’s Death

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) — Two paraprofessionals have been cleared to return to work at Vandergriff Elementary School after an internal investigation following a student’s death.

The staff members were placed on administrative leave after the death of Adron Benton that happened in March.

“The last six weeks have been difficult for so many people. These two paraprofessionals were patient so that our internal investigation could be thorough,” Superintendent Matthew Wendt said. “The investigation process was detailed and comprehensive and has allowed FPS to determine that these two staff members properly performed their jobs.”

One of the two paraprofessionals submitted her resignation after being informed of the school district’s decision.

Three other paraprofessionals will remain on a leave of absence pending finals completion of all investigations.

“It is imperative that we take the necessary time to investigate this tragedy, collaborate with law enforcement and arrive at conclusions based on facts,” Wendt said. “At this time, it brings some needed satisfaction that we can clear two of the paraprofessionals. Understandably, FPS has more work to do.”