Flood Gates At Beaver Lake And Dam In Process Of Being Lowered

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BEAVER LAKE (KFSM) -- The scene at Beaver Lake and Dam was spectacular as the Army Corps of Engineers opened the flood gates over the weekend. Now, the lake manager says they're in the process of closing them after a dangerous amount of water was already let out.

"Now that the lake has stopped going up, we're now in the process of lowering the gates," explained lake manager Michael Richards.

The gates have been lowered down to three feet. The plan is to lower the gates inch by inch into Monday night (May 1).

"And at eleven o'clock, we'll be lowering them to one foot and maintaining the lake as best as we can."

Richards said locals watched high water surge downstream.

"So our job is to hold water. And then once the weather changes and the White River decreases down to Newport, then we can start releasing water from Beaver Lake."

In the meantime, though the flooding situation has gone down, Richards said using caution is still necessary.

"Remember, Beaver Lake is still high. We've got a lot of debris out on the water. Be cautious, be safe; watch out for flooding."

Richards says everything has flowed according to plan.