Flood Waters Wash Away Parts Of Road In Wheeler

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM)- The Washington County Road Department is working to repair a road after flood waters washed part of it away.

"The way it was coming through, it was pretty powerful," Mark Davis, property owner said.

Crumbled asphalt and parts of what used to be Gun Club Road are now laying in a pasture.

"With all the rain, it came up pretty high," Davis said. "Probably four feet over the road here and took the surface of the road and put it over in the pasture and took out the fences."

The road department also closed the bridge on the road due to damage caused by high waters in Clear Creek.

"We're closing this bridge due to undermining," Charles Ward, Washington County Road Superintendent said. "We are just trying to keep it safe for the residents."

The property owner is now working tirelessly to repair the damage to his land.

"We're taking the fence down so the road guys can get in and start repairing the road," Davis said. "Cleaning the gravel off the road and we're kind of getting out of their way."

But, Davis said despite the clean up, he's thankful no one was hurt.

"Just in awe, how pretty and nice it was yesterday and how God moved," Davis said. "It was a little different today."

Crews said Gun Club Road is passable, but the bridge will remain closed until they can repair it.

Washington County Road Department said it plans to remove the existing asphalt and will repave the road after that.