Fayetteville Flood Victims Visit Their Homes For The First Time After The Storm

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Flood victims at West End Apartments in Fayetteville are getting a look inside their homes for the first time after being water rescued during the storm. Management said over eight inches of rain filled the community over the weekend.

With a possible thunderstorm later in the week, residents aren't confident they can take another hit.

"I'm just now getting back to start the clean up and now we hear that there's more rain coming, we don't even know if they're gonna let us move back into our apartments at this point," said resident Tammy Linder.

After touring her unit, clothes, furniture, and even her refrigerator was ruined, the water got high enough to soak her bed. Linder said there is nothing she can do but start over.

Neighbors pitched in to help each other clean out their homes, but they said they hope their efforts aren't in vain.

”The sound of rain I used to love and now it scares me," said resident Diane Reamer. She said she's prepared for whatever storm number two may bring.

"I know to have a bag packed with my medicine, my glasses you know you learn from one experience you know," Reamer said.

As of now, a local church has offered their sanctuary as shelter for the West End residents.