Third Graders’ Homemade Thank You Notes Bolster Spirits Of Crews Searching For Missing Toddler

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MADISON COUNTY (KFSM) -- Even amid the most heartbreaking of circumstances, leave it to children to spread a little bit of hope.

Search crews have been out looking for 18-month-old Krystal Wiggins since Saturday (April 29), when she and her 4-year-old brother, Damien, were ripped from their mother's arms by strong floodwaters.

Since then, volunteers have been walking the banks and searching the waters of Glade Creek. On Monday the search switched from a rescue to a recovery effort. Although it's a difficult task for crews, many said they were out their to help bring closure for the family.

However, searchers got some encouragement on Tuesday (May 2) when Ms. Segal's third grade class at Huntsville intermediate school brought them homemade thank you letters.

Segal said her students came up with the idea on their own.

Darline Knight, a search team leader, said several of the letters were read aloud to the searchers. She said they made everyone's day, helping them to push through the difficult time.

"I saw a lot of their faces, I looked around as some of them were being read," Knight said. "They're heartfelt for little men and little women to have those kind of emotions and understand that much and be thinking about us like that out here, it motivates you."

Madison County Sheriff Rick Evans said search crews will do everything they can to find Krystal for as long as they can. Damien's body was found on Monday (May 1).