Tyson Announces Switch To Using Antibiotic Free Chicken

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) — Tyson Foods will be switching to using 100 percent antibiotic free chickens in their Tyson branded chicken, company officials revealed on Tuesday (May 2).

The birds used in products under the Tyson brand name will be raised with no antibiotics ever, or NAE, according to a company press release. Some NAE products have already rolled out to store shelves. However, the entire Tyson brand product line will use NAE chicken by this fall.

In an attempt to increase transparency within the company, Tyson also created a documentary series to show how they make their product, from the chicken farms to the production of their foods. Their first video, focusing on the day in a life of an Elkins chicken farmer, is already online.

“The videos and our No Antibiotics Ever commitment represent a big step for the Tyson®brand in our efforts to act sustainably and transparently,” said Duke Zandstra, senior marketing director for the Tyson® brand. “Our goal is to show what good can come when a food company the size and scale of ours opens its doors and invites people in.”

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  • ozarkobjectivefodder

    So, Tyson, why hadn’t you done this years ago when scientist and health officials warned of the consequences? Could it be money or greed the reason? Thanks but no thanks, I buy local natural range fed poultry and chickens from local farmers who grow their own and feed their poultry natural ingredients.

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