City Votes To Place SEFOR Water In Sewer System

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The Fayetteville City Council voted Tuesday night (May 2) to take water from the Southwest Experimental Fast Oxide Reactor Facility and place it into the sewer system.

Eventually this water will end up in Beaver Lake, where many in Northwest Arkansas get their drinking water.

Alan Fortenberry, the CEO of Beaver Water District, explained that it will go through other areas before it ends up in the lake.

He said this water is drainage from SEFOR and not radioactive waste.

“Because of this proximity to that type of facility then they’ve had to have it tested and that will determine what disposal are available for that waste water,"  Fortenberry said.

The water was tested by various agencies including the Arkansas Department of Health.

It was deemed safe to place into Fayetteville's sewer system.

Fortenberry said the water will leave the sewer system and go to a processing facility.

It will then go to the White River and eventually Beaver Lake.

The legislation from the city did state that the water from SEFOR contains low levels of radioactive material and asbestos.

Even though this may be the case, Fortenberry said they are not concerned about this water eventually flowing through their system.

“I drink the water, my grandchildren drink the water but your health is extremely important to each and every person at Beaver Water District and we wouldn’t do anything to endanger your health," Fortenberry said. “Beaver Water District is the provider for a large number of people here in Northwest Arkansas and we’re not overly concerned with the nature of the material and or the disposal of that material.”