GOP Health Bill: Gov. John Kasich Slams It & HHS Sec’y Tom Price Defends It

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WASHINGTON (CNN) — Governor John Kasich (R-OH) says the GOP health care bill has very few resources for Americans and that states will not opt for “ridiculous” high-risk pools that are “unfunded.”

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price says the House Republican bill to repeal and replace Obamacare will bring down costs for Americans.



  • lurker48

    The same Tom Price while voting on 2 different bills for medical companies. Him and his family went out and bought stock in both companies before the vote and made a ton of money.
    Your Congress at work insider trading!

  • Ligaya Barlow

    Humpty Trumpty Care
    Well it passed. To hell with what the people want, as per usual. Why do we even have elections? Just put the Fortune 500 in Congress and let the top 50 banks be the Senate lol! (Trouble is there are less than ten banks)
    Here in the Philippines national health insurance, which covers 80% of EVERYTHING, costs the equivalent of $2.17/month. And the care is better, same fancy tests, more professional and personable.
    Beyond health care, if you are 60+, there is a senior discount on everything from medicine to hardware to groceries to cab and bus fares to hotel rates to airfares to McDonald’s. It’s an automatic 20%.
    But that is because the Philippines is not a backward third world country full of phony Christians, gun-toting sociopaths and adamant ignoramuses like The Land Of The Fleeced And Home Of The Blade is! lol. So long, suckas!

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