Estimated $150,000 Of Stolen Goods Recovered By Sheriff’s Department

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) -- A tip for one stolen item led police to six truck loads worth of stolen items instead.

"It makes it tougher when the economy (is) not as good as it should be and you (have) to go buy all the new tools and stuff," said victim Don Parsons, who makes monuments for a living.

He says more than $15,000 worth of tools were stolen from his shop.

"We're doing (the work) by hand now because the saw I had had diamond blades on it where we can cut it and I don't have none of that now."

Flash back to April 28th -- when police say a Cameron man sifted through storage units -- stealing items from the rightful owners.

"We conservatively estimated that we recovered about $150,000 worth of stolen property in this one search warrant," explained LeFlore County Sheriff Rob Seale.

It all began after someone saw a stolen item of their's for sale on Facebook.

"It was a very identifiable Coca-Cola cooler ice chest. So we went to the residence it was listed on Facebook that the sale was taking place and discovered (it) there."

That led to the search warrant for the residence.

There, police say, nearly 21 different storage units had been broken into by suspect, Barry McCormack.

Many of the stolen goods were power tools.

"You work hard for your tools and when you come in and open the door and it's all gone, you know, you're just in shock," said Parsons.

As Parsons was chipping through stone, McCormack allegedly cut through locks in gaining access to single storage units.

"And from there," Sheriff Seale explained, "he would go through the walls between storage units and just crawl from one to the other seeing what was in the storage units to steal."

Now it's about returning the stolen goods back where they belong.

"I advise anybody with any kind of stuff (to) make sure you chain it down," said Parsons.

Sheriff Seale says McCormack was put in jail.

He says he's going to be charged with 21 counts total of second degree burglary.

But it will be up to the D.A. on just how many of those counts they'll want to file.

If you believe any of the stolen items could be yours, contact the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office.