Soldier Surprises Daughter After Year-Long Deployment In Kuwait

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) --  A Bentonville first grader had no idea that her father was home from military duty overseas and was the mystery reader in her classroom.

Her mom and teachers have been doing their best to keep the surprise a secret.

This was the first time William Cooper has gone longer than a year without being home with his daughter, Myra.

''We would always cuddle at night before she goes to bed watch a little bit of a movie,'' Cooper said.

Serving in the military isn't just a job for Cooper, it's family tradition. Every male since his grandfather has enlisted.

The National Guard staff sergeant has been stationed in Kuwait since April of 2016.

Now that he's back on American soil, his first stop was his daughter's elementary school.

"She's my firstborn so she's kind of got that special spot," Cooper said.

Each week Myra's first grade class has a mystery reader visit the classroom. Students are given three clues to try and guess who it could be. After the third clue, Myra was hopeful her dad would walk through the door.

"I'm glad he's really home,"Myra said.

Myra said she has a long list of games and activities she wants to do with her dad while he is home.