Two Rogers Heritage High School Teachers Compete On Jeopardy

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ROGERS (KFSM)  -- Two Rogers Heritage High School teachers will appear on the Jeopardy Teachers Tournament this week, competing on different nights.

Both game show fans said appearing on the show was a childhood dream come true.

Cody Vest, English teacher and quiz bowl coach was the first to get a call.

"I do a little introduction of myself at the beginning of the year every year and on it I had a giant logo of Jeopardy. I said this is my goal in life get on jeopardy. I'm gonna be on it one day. I did not think it was going to be this year," Vest said.

But, excitement quickly turned into fear when French teacher Mary Parker said she also got a call to appear on the show.

"It's in the rules you can't play against somebody you know. I was terrified thinking they were gonna kick me off the show," Parker said.

Both teachers sat in suspense waiting to hear back from producers. They told 5NEWS they promised to support each other.

Luckily, producers agreed to allow both teachers to compete on different nights in order to comply with the rules.

The rare opportunity is one Vest said he will never forget.

"It was the best experience probably of my life and I had the most fun doing it and I don't regret anything," Vest said.

Parker said she hopes her presence on the show serves as encouragement for her current and future quiz bowl teams.

Parker will appear on Jeopardy on Tuesday (May 9) and Vest will appear on Wednesday (May 10). Jeopardy airs at 4:30PM on 5NEWS.