Pea Ridge School District Regroups After Failed Vote

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PEA RIDGE (KFSM)-- Pea Ridge School District officials are figuring out what to do next after voters in the district voted down a 5.1 millage increase.

Superintendent Rick Neal said they were disappointed to hear the results from Tuesday's vote.

They planned to build a new school building with the money they would have received to combat overcrowding.

Even though they do not know what to do about the building, Neal did have ideas on how to use what they have.

“I think we’ll have to do some flexible scheduling, you know some alternative scheduling and where kids don’t enter the hallway at the same time and some things like that," Neal said. "So yeah we’ll have to make some accommodations for that overcrowding.”

School is almost out for the year, but Neal and other various school officials will be working over the next few days to figure out what they can do in the future.

“We’ve got a combination of kind of a perfect storm of growth and also we’re a successful school district," Neal said. "So we’ve got to make those plans and build those plans for the future and look forward to those things happening. As we move forward over the next few days, we’ll try to move that direction.”

He said he knows that a 5.1 millage increase sounded like a lot at the time of the vote.

Along with a new school building, they were also planning to build an arena building. They asked for a 5.1 millage increase so they would not have to come back a few years later and ask for more money.

One thing Neal said might not have been clear to voters is that they do not receive as much money from the millage as other bigger districts like Bentonville and Rogers.

This communication is one thing that Neal said he would like to work on with the public and stakeholders as they move forward with planning.