Springdale Police New K-9 Officer Makes First Arrest

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) — Like most dogs, Nomos loves his toy ball.

“His favorite toy is a tennis ball he works for this and just an opportunity to get to play. It’s the only paycheck they get,” said Officer Morris Irvin, Nomos’ partner.

The Springdale Police Department is already singing his praise. In only his third week on the job. he tracked down a suspect for the Washington County Sheriffs Office. Initiating the arrest in less than an hour after arriving on the scene.

“He’s already exceeded my wildest expectations, he’ll be a superstar. We’re not born a legend we gotta become one,” Irvin said.

A lot of training goes into keeping the K-9 officer in tip top shape. He spends five to eight hours a week doing exercises to build strength and muscle mass.

It’s a big help that all of their tasks are incentive based, which means each arrest is rewarded with a little play time.

The K-9’s sense of smell and movement is something Officer Irvin says is irreplaceable.

“There are absolutely priceless, they are such a great tool, they take the place of numerous officers when it comes to finding people.”

Nomos is one of three Springdale K-9 officers.