Photographer Accidentally Captures Wrong Couple’s Engagement

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HAWKSBILL CRAG (KFSM) -- A local photographer mistakenly captured the wrong couple's proposal at Hawksbill Crag, but was able to find them in just a few hours.

Jacob Peters said he was hired by an out-of-state couple to secretly capture their proposal.

He said the man who hired him wanted to surprise his new fiancé with the photos afterward.

Peters arrived early enough to beat the sunrise and the couple.

He said a couple arrived, the man proposed and he started to take the pictures.

After a while, he left but it wasn't until later that day when he had a cell phone signal that he learned that he photographed the wrong couple.

The people he captured were Jenny Pham and David Le from Texas.

They too had the same idea as the couple who hired Peters.

Pham said she saw him around but assumed he was just a nature photographer.

While Peters was at home that day, he texted the guy who hired him to say congratulations but received a response he did not expect.

“He said he was wearing a blue plaid shirt and the guy in my picture was wearing just a blue plain t-shirt," Peters said. "I immediately knew it was the wrong couple.”

For a few days, he felt like he had done something wrong.

The couple who hired him showed up late.

It was just a coincidence that another couple got engaged at the exact same place at the exact same time.

A friend of Peters told him he should see if he could locate this mystery couple.

So he put his story online and within four hours, Pham and Le reached out.

Le said during his planning he also tried to hire a photographer but was unable to.

One of the people he spoke to reached out to him and sent him a link to Peters' story.

“I was just reading and Jenny was like read faster read faster it sounds like our story and then she was like scroll down," Le said. "I was like wait let me finish reading and she scrolls down and she says click on the picture and she’s like that’s us!"

The couple said they were very excited to see what Peters shot and said he even captured a photo they were unable to get on their own.

Peters said he learned a lot from this incident that he will use during the rest of his photography career.

The couple who hired him did reach back out to say they were not mad about what happened.

In a text between them and Peters, they said they thought it was sweet that he took the time to find Pham and Le.