Brew Battle: Mass Production Beer Company Shuts Out Craft Brewers From Exotic Hops

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- Anheuser-Busch InBev (ABI) is controlling the buying of an exotic South African hop.  The reason for the decision is because of a major drought in 2015-2016 in South Africa, according to ABI.

In turn, that means the mass production beer company is refusing to let small craft brewers purchase any of the 2017 batch.

With the rise of interest in craft brews the power move doesn't come as a surprise for local brewer master Kort Castleberry of "New Province Beer Co."

"You can't expect them to sit by the sidelines and you know just let craft breweries continue to take part of their market," said Castleberry.

The buy out doesn't impact him much since he mainly uses American hops but it does limit opportunities for creativity.

Even with the buying power mass producers have.There's just something about the local experience one brew lover says you can't replace.

"I just love the ability to come in a place and sit down with the guy that actually made your beer rather than look at him on TV," said craft beer lover Jordan Robinson.

Outside of the unique experience the ever-changing taste is what draws most people to drink local.

"It just gives you a flavor and a taste that is unlike anything else and each time you taste it, it is something different," said Robinson.

Despite the potential brewing battle against local craft brewers,  Castleberry said he plans to keep fulfilling the needs of loyal local taste buds.