Block Party Draws Sea Of People To Local Businesses

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- The 7th Annual Block Party took place Sunday (May 21) afternoon on Block Avenue with the hopes of bringing more attention to businesses on the street.

“I think it brings a lot of attention," Houndstooth Team Leader Mariah McLeod said. "I’ve had a lot of people come in today saying that they didn’t even know we were here.”

Other businesses in the area said they too heard that exact phrase from various customers.

Jessy Lang is the owner of Good Things Eco Boutique located on Block Avenue.

She also used to help coordinate Block Party and called it a grassroots event that was started by the businesses in the area.

“It’s just such a local event that if everybody shares it with their own network, it ends up being like a huge cross section of what this whole community has to offer,” Lang said.

The event had vendors and local restaurants set up in tents along the street.

Other businesses like Lang's opened up Sunday (May 21) afternoon specifically for the event.

She said each year, the event seems to grow with more and more people attending.

Kaylee Gaston, a team leader at Houndstooth, called the event refreshing.

“I think Fayetteville is really diverse and opening up a whole street to anyone and so many different stores I think just brings a lot of people out that may not come out normally," Gaston said.

Lang agreed saying she sometimes feels overshadowed by Dickson Street and the Fayetteville Square.

She said she is just happy to have an event like Block Party to get more people in her area.

Even once the party is over, Lang said she will continue to see new faces walk through her doors all throughout the year.