Middle School Kids Give Their All For The Spartan Race

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- A group of local middle school kids have been invited to  participate in The Spartan Race at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas in early June.

This type of race is where "Spartans" test their mettle against obstacles of various distance and difficulty.

On June 9th, nearly 120 students from Lincoln Middle School are traveling to Texas Stadium to take on this giant obstacle course that is designed for people of all ages.

Friday's (May 26) event at the school was a fundraiser that raised more than $1,000 and it was their last practice before heading to Texas.

"This is the end of the year field day. We do this every end of the year, but today was a little different," said Assistant Principal Stan Karbor.

Karbor explained that they did the Spartan Edge curriculum, which involved about 10 modules that help individuals get to the finish line.

"Just doing some workouts with some kids and talking to them about the opportunity to go," said Karbor, "... had a lot of interest here in the community and with our kids so that's where we're at."

"I was just a kid that really didn't work out a lot. I worked out on the weekend with my dad, but the Spartan race has really helped me. Like I work out more and in class now we set goals, " said student Corbin Bowlin.

"The most exciting part is that I get the experience of going and having fun," said another student.

During the final workout, Karbor tells the students, "hands above your head for the lunges. Spread out! Don't just go as fast as you can, make 'em count!"

As the whistle blows, Karbor shouts, "Go!" And students hop into action to get the Spartan experience and having fun and the same time.

"We want these guys to have those opportunities to go do things that are pretty crazy like a Spartan race so that they'll never forget 'em and they'll never forget the people they are next to and that's just the overall idea," said Karbor.   "We wanted to instill in them is that togetherness, that camaraderie that I don't think you can develop everyday in a classroom ... you need stuff like this to do it," said Karbor.

The first Spartan Race event was in Vermont in 2010 and had about 500 participants who ran, crawled, jumped and swan over several obstacles.  Today there are 200 races in more than 30 countries.