Severe Weather Threat Changes Holiday Weekend Plans

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OZARK (KFSM)- One thing people look forward to for Memorial Day Weekend is getting outdoors, but with a chance of severe weather, some people are doing things a little differently.

"We decided that Turner Bend would be a great place," Clay Pruitt said. "We had to do it today because tomorrow we've got storms coming in and we're afraid the river may get up and it may not be possible."

Some people traveled more than 600 miles to spend their holiday in the area.

"We decided we'd spend the Memorial Day weekend riding the beautiful road of Arkansas," said motorcyclist Turk Bence. "We went up to Mt. Nebo, Mt. Magazine and Turner Bend was one of the stops we wanted to make."

The rain is putting a damper on more than just plans, though.

"A lot of people are kind of waiting to see the weather," Brad Wimberly, owner of Turner Bend said. "Hopefully, it's not a big deal. We've had a lot of rained out weekend here lately. We're behind here as far as this year goes. We've lost the last four out of five Saturdays."

Weather may take a toll on the holiday, but Wimberly said it's not something they haven't experienced.

"Flooding on our campground is not something we really have to worry about," Wimberly said. "Other [campgrounds], they do on occasion have to evacuate including this past weekend."

But regardless of weather, those at Turner Bend are prepared for whatever the weekend brings.

"Hopefully, if [people] are out on the lake, they're responsible and responsible whenever the weather comes in," Pruitt said.

"We're all geared up, expecting a big weekend and calling in all the help, making up for lost ground," Wimberly said.

Wimberly said he will monitor weather conditions and plans to check on visitors and campers throughout the weekend.