Loyal Fans Return To Old Fort Days Rodeo

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- As the Old Fort Days Rodeo continues, more fans are showing up, some having attended for years.

"I've been coming to the rodeo since I was a child," David Hardin said.

"I've been coming my whole life," Kynley Tippit said. "I like to come because I like to watch the bull riders."

Hardin said a few things have changed in the several decades he's been coming to watch the show.

"The chairs were made out of wood back then," Hardin said. "The bleachers were made out of wood. You'd get splinters if you slid. The roof was not here and if it stormed, you got wet."

Hundreds of fans fill up the area seats but for the rodeo's most loyal fans, the front row seats are reserved for them.

"You get the full effect down here," Hardin said. "You'll get a lot of the material that comes in out of the arena. When the Dandies come around, you feel them come around every time. So, it's a lot of fun down here. You don't feel that when you get up that far."

But, whether it's your first time to the rodeo, or your second time this week, fans agree that there's nothing like the Old Fort Days.

"They put on a really good show," Summer Campbell said. "It's just something we enjoy doing as a family. It's a very good experience."

The Old Fort Days Rodeo continues through Saturday (June 3).