Walmart Associates Connect At Shareholders Event

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Throughout the week, associates from Walmart stores from all corners of the Earth will be in Fayetteville for the company's shareholders event.

Some associates said they were surprised to see so many opportunities offered to them during their trip.

Stacey Martinez is an associate from Arizona. She said the one thing that stuck out to her was the kindness shown by everyone at the event.

During a bus ride Wednesday afternoon, Martinez said she saw groups of people from various countries laughing and simply having some fun.

“It’s just cool seeing people laughing with each other even though they don’t understand what each other are saying," Martinez said. "It’s just nice to see that when there is so much going on in the world and on this level it’s like we’re just human and everybody is just kind to one another and it’s just great.”

Lucas Freitas is an associate from Mexico and said this is not the first time he has been to America.

This is the first time though that he attended Walmart's shareholders event.

He said he has been to similar events with other companies, but this one is very different.

One of the big differences he said was the people and how open they are to others.

He attributed this to the spirit of Northwest Arkansas.

“How people are engaged," Freitas said. "How people are trying to get in touch with you, people from other countries, from other cultures. They are willing to understand what you do. They are willing to connect. That kind of stuff is very cool.”

The events will last until Friday (June 2) and then the associates will return to their stores.

Martinez said she was excited to take what she learned and share it with her coworkers.