Arkansas Aces Ready For Fayetteville Regional

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- Over the past month it’s been secret what Arkansas was going to do with their pitching staff. They would send out their ace on Friday night, and then send out their other ace on Saturday.

“We are going to go with Stephan game one,” said Arkansas coach Dave Van Horn. “We are not going to change anything up, keep everybody at proper rest. We feel like both pitchers are number ones and we are not going to switch.”

It wasn’t until recently that right-hander’s Blaine Knight and Trevor Stephan switched sports. But, they say it doesn’t matter order in which they start.

“As long as I am pitching I can help us win, that’s all I care about,” said sophomore pitcher Blaine Knight. “I mean they bumped me back for rest and everything else because I was getting a little tired, but I don’t think there is really one true what you call ace.”

It’s even brought out a friendly competition between the two ptichers.

“We battle each other,” said junior pitcher Trevor Stephan. “It’s a friendly battle, but it’s competitive we all want that spot. I think he’s earned it and he probably would say the same thing about me.”

Both right-handers have had their ups and downs during the season, but their efforts during the SEC tournament brought back their confidence heading into this weekend’s regional.

“I ran into a couple of rough weekends and I had to work my way out of it,” said Knight. “I’m on the upper end of it now, and so I’m happy. I know Trevor struggled a little bit there early on and he’s on a roll now too. It’s really good to have us back shooting straight again.”