Bentonville Residents Give Final Input On Parks Plan

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM)-- The city of Bentonville held their final public input meeting concerning the city's 10-year master parks plan.

For about eight months, the city held these meetings to hear what the people would like to see in their parks.

David Wright, director of the Bentonville parks and recreation department, said one thing people have mentioned is that some of the trails around the city just seem to come to an end.

“Our response to that is we’d like to… is over the course of the next few years, create a branded trail system that’s connected," Wright said. "Basically take the Razorback Greenway that’s on the east side of our community and mirror it on the west side of our community.”

On top of those trails, Wright said they would like to add some parks that follow the pathway.

He said this plan will give the city direction over the next 10 years.

Even when the plan is finalized, he explained that changes could still be made if they see a need.

Nothing is set is stone right now, and the plan will still need to be approved by the city council.

Even though changes may not be seen for a few years, Wright said they can still work ahead.

“As we even start the budgeting process for 2018, we will look at this plan," Wright said. "We will have enough of this plan done to know some of the priorities maybe and we’ll start working on those as soon as next year.”

Some at the meeting said they liked some of the plans the city showed off.

Scott Halliburton, a Bentonville resident for the last 18 years, said he has seen the city change and the community could continue grow if the projects the city would like to accomplish are prioritized in the right way.

He said his only concern was if the city would plan for the future growth with their projects.

Halliburton used the Bentonville Community Center as an example.

“You know we built a facility here, we’re almost already at capacity," Halliburton said. "The Bentonville Community Center is just beautiful, but they maybe built that a little small.”

He said with the right additions to the area, the community could become a healthier city and be a more desirable place for people to live.

Wright said if they get the approval of the possible projects from the residents, they will work on a final plan that will go to the city council this month.