47th Annual Walmart Shareholders Meeting Brings Thousands To Bud Walton Arena

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- It was a big day for the 14,000 people inside the 47th annual Walmart Shareholders meeting.

Technology and online sales have been a big theme all week at the meeting, and CEO Doug McMillon drummed the theme home, saying the company will compete with technology but win with people.

“We'll win because we are purpose driven, with clear and meaningful values, with clear and meaningful values and an effective and resilient culture," he said. "It will be our humanity that drives our creativity, powers our competitive spirit and keeps us out in front."

Walmart announced major changes to make them more competitive online against retail giants like Amazon.

The company said it is rolling out changes to make life easier for families. One of those changes is free automated pickup. Customers drive up to the machine in the Walmart parking lot, enter a code and their order is provided in about a minute.

“After testing it will be available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week," said Gisel Ruiz, executive vice president of operations for Sam's Club. "Imagine that ... and we'll be the only retailer in the world to have this setup."

All around the world employees are thinking about what's possible and trying out new innovations. In Mexico they have digital kiosks where customers can place online orders in store and pay with cash.

“Technology is helping us in so many ways," said Judith McKenna, chief operating officer of Walmart U.S. "It's providing convenience for our customers, it's helping to make sure that the work that our associates do is simpler and more valuable and most importantly that gives them more time to serve our customers.”

Walmart is on track to achieve a 10-year commitment to support $250 billion in products that support American jobs.

Walmart also announced a new test program where associates deliver online orders to customers on their commute home. This program is being tested at one Northwest Arkansas store and two in New Jersey.