Department Clears Air On Varied Reaction To Viral Post

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LEFLORE COUNTY (KFSM) -- You might remember a viral post made by a LeFlore County sergeant. It claimed -- humorously -- to be looking for the owner of "lost property." The "lost property" was nearly 56 grams of seized drugs. Though it was intended as a joke, Sergeant Terry Winn said some didn't take it that way.

"Our intent is not to be popular. It's to draw attention to issues we have in our communities. If we can do that in a creative way that draws your attention; that's what we will do."

In this case, drawing that attention required days of brain storming.

"It was a group effort," joked Winn, "We actually talked about it for a day or two before we posted anything."

But in the modern world where everyone has an opinion, the result of that brain storming can lead to confusion. For the most part, though, Winn said people understood it was a joke.

With the exception of a select few.

"We wanted to make sure that our citizens here in LeFlore County understand that we weren't trying to entice someone to come down here and actually recover the narcotics."

But the man pictured in the post didn't care either way.

"I don't expect to make everybody happy -- especially the dopers and the cop haters. I know that we're doing a good job and we're going to keep doing what we're doing," said under-sheriff, Kendall Morgan.

Sergeant Winn says people can expect the department to continue finding creative ways to draw attention to issues in the community.

"If I can save one child from picking up narcotics that have been thrown out on the side of the road by posting this and getting ridiculed, I will do that gladly."

He also thanked those who gave positive feedback and appreciated the information.