15-Year-Old Business Owner Opens Her Doors

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- A new business in Rogers opened Thursday (June 1) morning and the owner is still in high school.

Misa Fontana is the 15 year old owner of the Anime Cafe in downtown Rogers.

Fontana wanted a place where people who have a love for anime, which is a style of a Japanese cartoon, can hangout and enjoy bubble tea.

Two years ago, she came up with the idea and pitched it to her mother.

To Misa's surprise, her mother approved.

The family spent those two years planning and creating recipes for their bubble tea.

The cafe opened for the first time June 1 to a line of people outside their door.

"I was just very excited and ready to take everybody's orders and serve them because it made me really happy to see a bunch of people here," Misa said.

She spent her first day making cup after cup of bubble tea for her new customers.

Her mother, Margarita Fontana, said she never thought Misa would become a business owner especially at only 15.

She said kids around 13 are trying to find themselves and her daughter did when the Anime Cafe opened for business.

"For some kids you kinda' lose them in their thought and she was one of those kids," Margarita Fontana said. "She got really quiet on me and then suddenly she started coming out of her shell. When this popped up it was suddenly, 'oh I've got a purpose.'"

She said Misa still calls the shots when it comes to preparing the cafe.

She and her husband help out though preparing drinks, repairing equipment and taking drink orders.

Misa said she never thought they would get this far in the plan.

She explained the past two years have been tough but were very educational.

"I learned that you have to have a lot of patience while creating a business because who knows how long it will take you create something and it could be a big hit like this," Misa said. "So I'm very proud of myself."

During the school year, Misa will still continue to work in the cafe.

She said right now she does not plan to go to college for a business degree.

Instead she said she would like to become a voice actor for anime.