Rogers Couple Speaks Out After Surviving London Bridge Terrorist Attack

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- Unthinkable and illogical is how Connor Robertson from Rogers described being caught in a terrorist attack on the London Bridge.

"A couple of months ago someone drove across a bridge in London and started stabbing people and so in my mind I was thinking lightning can't strike twice in the same place," Connor said.

His wife Danielle said the view from the top of their double-decker tour bus was unreal.

"You're just overlooking all this carnage laying around you, you look down and she's just lifeless and blood was coming out of her mouth." Danielle said there was seconds separating them from being caught in the middle of the deadly attack.

The newlyweds were in so much shock that they started to zone out.

"I think the thing that made it real for me was when the cops started banging on the door and they were yelling and I was like okay now, this is... we're in danger," Danielle said.

According to police, three men entered the bridge in a van and later drove into pedestrians. They then jumped out and began stabbing people at bars around Borough Market.

"There were several people that were just laying in the middle of the street and one girl was covered in blood receiving CPR," Connor said.

Following police orders, the couple ran to safety. They said passing by so many helpless bodies lying in the street made it hard to keep going.

"You just wanted to run and shake them and just say wake up it'll be okay but at that point it was more about getting yourself to safety," Connor said.

After surviving the attack, the couple said they still plan to continue traveling the world.