Local Expert Says Most Homeowners Forget To Check Roofs For Storm Damage

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- This storm season was filled with wind, hail and heavy rain. According to a local roof expert, homes take a lot from mother nature, especially your roof.

"The intensity of the storms we get in this region as far as the high winds and the heavy rain and that sort of thing a lot of things could happen," expert John Mulson said.

He said hail damage can ruin a roofs shingles. But, spotting the affected area is tough and can be easily overlooked if the homeowner can't see a major impact or impression.

"You cannot tell from the ground. It's once you get up there, It's very obvious a lot of times but from the ground you can't tell," Mulson said.

Homeowners can end up with unexpected leaks if they don't act fast enough, ultimately costing them thousands.

"Sometimes you might be looking at a thousand dollar roof repair that if you don't do will cost you $10 to $20,000 of damage on the inside of your home."

Mulson suggests that homeowners have their roofs inspected after every storm season, and if that isn't feasible every three to four years.