Neighbor Records Vicious Dog Attack In Alma

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ALMA (KFSM) — A disturbing video of a dog attacking another got thousands of comments on Facebook before it was taken down. What little video we have decided to show is graphic and difficult to watch.

Neighbors who took the video said they’ve been keeping a close eye on the house next door since their family pet was attacked by the same dog through a fence.

The attack happened at a home on the 1000 block of Church Street, according to police. The dogs belong to the same owner.

Police said on Monday (June 5), a 40 pound black dog, possibly a terrier mix or black lab mix, killed the owner’s Chihuahua. Barbara Leathers recorded video on her cell phone next door while visiting family.

“I seen that it just made me think what if it happened to any other dog it was running or whatever and my grandchild was out here,” Leathers said.

Leathers and her sister said the neighbors’ pets next door have been causing problems for years. In January 2014, Charla Skaggs filed a police report after her Blue Heeler was attacked so violently, it lost its front leg. She said several dogs in the yard next door ran up to the fence, grabbed Buddy’s paw and pulled it through.

“They did not come over and say I'm sorry you know is there anything I can do for you,” Skaggs said.

Police said at the time, animal control cited the dog owners for having more than four dogs at a time without a kennel license and for not having rabies shots.

“This is something that we will never get over,” Skaggs said.

Police said while what has happened is tragic, the owners did not commit a crime. There is no state law or city ordinance to have a vicious dog if it’s contained. If it’s not contained and on the loose, police said that is illegal and to call them right away.

Police said animal control did cite the owners again in this incident for having more than four dogs. The extra pets including the one who killed the chihuahua are staying with relatives.

“I think it should've been taken care of a long time ago whenever the first incident happened you know with my sister's dog,” Leathers said.

5NEWS attempted to get the dog owner’s side of the story, but they would not allow us on their property or return our messages.

Alma Police also say if your dog is attacked by another dog and no criminal charges come from it, you can always file a civil lawsuit.