Siloam Springs Music Store To Connect Locals With Local Music

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SILOAM SPRINGS (KFSM) -- A new business owner in Siloam Springs wants to get back to the old days of music by making things more local.

The goal of the store is to get more content from local musicians and bands in the store, said Legends Owner Stacey Conrad.

He came up with the idea a few years ago and finally decided to act on it because he believes there seems to be a lack of awareness of this local art in most areas.

“Music was a local thing," Conrad said. "It was something that was more emotional, it was something that was shared with families and the community. And so, going back to that makes more sense as a model for music.”

Conrad's background isn't in music, he said this is just something he has a passion about.


During the past two years that Conrad has been planning the store, he said he reached out to local bands and recording studios to get a better knowledge of the local music scene.

Right now he is working with one local band to showcase their album and merchandise in the store.

Along with local music, Conrad is also working with local guitar builders to show off local instruments.

“Actually playing an instrument that was created in the area kind of, is again, connecting artist to craftsman," Conrad said.

The store has only been open for about five weeks, but eventually Conrad wants to cut vinyl records with these local musicians.

He said he plans to start reaching out to more local bands to build this music hub.