Family Of Teresa Ruiz Explain Her Condition

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- The family of Teresa Ruiz spoke out Thursday afternoon on how the woman and her 2-week-old child are doing after a street sweeper crashed into their home.

Ruiz's sister, Selena Joya, said she and other family members have been visiting Ruiz in the hospital.

Joya said her sister sustained most of her injuries on the right side of her body.

She explained that Ruiz was laying on the couch that was against the wall the truck crashed into.

Ruiz's baby was on her left side and that is why Joya said the baby did not receive as many injuries as Ruiz.

Joya said the baby has been released from the hospital.

She said her sister is still in the ICU with injuries to her head, pelvis and leg.

Joya said it is hard to see her sister laying in bed like that.

“When we saw her she was waking up," Joya said. "She can hear when we talk to her and she’ll squeeze your hand like if you say are you in pain? She’ll squeeze. Can you hear me? She’ll squeeze.”

Joya was getting ready that morning when she received a phone call that something happened.

“My other sister called me saying that something had happened to Teresa but she wasn’t sure what because her husband called my other sister and he was crying and she couldn’t understand,” Joya said.

She and her family never thought anything like this would happen.

Joya said they are just trying to stay calm for Ruiz and her husband.

She hopes her sister will choose not to go back and live in the house where the accident happened.

She is not sure though when she will be able to leave the hospital.

“We don’t know how long its going to take her," Joya said. "What the long term things are going to be for my sister. We don’t know if she is going to be able to be back 100 percent.”

The family is asking for prayers while Ruiz recovers in the hospital.

They say if anyone would like to help the family out during this time they can make donations to the Ruiz family at Arvest Bank.