Nurse Shot Inside Ocala Hospital, Police Say

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OCALA, Fla. (CBSNews) — Ocala police said a nurse was shot inside a hospital Saturday (June 17) afternoon.

The nurse was shot about 3 p.m. in West Marion Regional Center at 4600 Southwest Court in Ocala, police said.

 Prior to the shooting, the Florida Highway Patrol said troopers approached a man three times on a street. On the third time, the man asked for medical attention because he was feeling ill.

Troopers took the man to the hospital to be treated. Just as they were about to release him, the man got into a fight with three troopers, pulled a gun from one of them and shot a nurse in the leg, the FHP said.

The nurse is in stable condition, the FHP said. Troopers suffered minor injuries.

The man was taken to Marion County Jail, troopers said.