Boy With Mitochondrial Disorder Gets Trip To Massachusetts

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- On Sunday (June 18) morning, a 9-year-old boy with a mitochondrial disorder got his wish granted thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Brayden Ehlers loves two things, trains and dinosaurs.

When he learned that he would be visiting the Edaville Family Theme Park in Carver, Massachusetts, with areas that include Dino Land and Thomas Land, he was excited.

His parents, Angela and Jason Ehlers, were happy that he was getting this opportunity.

Jason said going to this theme park is something his son has really held on to.

Brayden was diagnosed three years ago with a mitochondrial disorder called MELAS.

His parents said that he has suffered with strokes all of his life.

Jason said because of those strokes, Brayden has the mind of a three year old.

Angela, Brayden's mother, said this is something they have just dealt with and never really gave it a second thought.

Before the announcement, Brayden got the chance to ride a train for the very first time with the help of the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad in Springdale.

Jason said none of this would have happened if not for his aunt who was the first person to get Brayden's wish to Make-A-Wish.

Jason said he had one thing to say to her.

“That I love her," Jason Ehlers said. "It was probably one of the kindest things that somebody did. It’s hard to say.”

Brayden and his family will be leaving for Edaville in just a few weeks.