Springdale Educates Officials On Code Enforcement Issues

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- The Springdale mayor,  city council members and other city officials took a bus tour of their city on Monday (June 19) to learn about some issues one city group deals with.

Melissa Reeves, the city's director of public relations, said they wanted to show these city leaders the things the city's code enforcement officers see every day.

“Our code enforcement officers and our public works employees, they’re on the front lines every single day working really hard to keep the city clean and to help our residents and business owners have their investments protected," Reeves said.

Officials drove around town in an ORT bus looking at and discussing various issues.

“But on top of that you see a wide range of things from furniture being left out on the front lawn to just trash and debris that’s not cleaned up," Reeves said. "I mean it really varies from house to house.”

The end goal of the ride is to give others within city government the knowledge to better help residents who call in with tips about possible code enforcement violations.

Reeves said they changed their code enforcement efforts not long ago to do just this.

One of those changes included requesting photos of the violation from the caller.

Reeves said they are not done with this policy after the ride.

The conversation will continue and these policies will always be adapting as the city continues to grow.