Fugitive Rapist Taken Into Custody In Alabama, Missing Eureka Springs Woman Found Safe

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — An admitted Memphis rapist who disappeared after failing to appear in court was taken into custody in Alabama on Wednesday (June 28), after receiving a tip from a missing Eureka Springs woman who was thought to be with him.

Kelvin Montgomery is being held in Baldwin County, Alabama, the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to affiliate WREG.

In January, the family of a Eureka Springs woman, Shastah Naumann, said they believed she was with Kelvin Montgomery and might be in danger. Naumann was last seen in August 2016.

On Wednesday night, one of Naumann's family members contacted the Eureka Springs Police Department after receiving a phone call from Naumann, according to a department press release. Shastah Naumann gave her relative her location in Alabama, which was relayed to police.

Eureka Springs officers contacted the Orange Beach Police Department, who went to Barber Marina and found Naumann and took her into protective custody. The release states that officers searched the area and found Montgomery, who was arrested on multiple warrants.

Montgomery was accused of beating and raping a woman in a Memphis home in June 2014.

The woman who was assaulted by Montgomery said she still fears for her life.

"I have lived in fear since he has been on the run," she said. "Just really shocked."

The victim said Montgomery drugged her drink after meeting her at a bar. He then took her to a home in East Memphis where he beat and raped her. She got away by playing dead and waiting for him to fall asleep.

"He is the most evil monster that I have ever come in contact with," she said. "I definitely felt he would do it to someone else."

Montgomery eventually made a deal with the District Attorney’s Office to serve 12 years without parole and was supposed to start his sentence in August, but failed to show up for court. He has been on the run ever since.

Sources said since Montgomery didn’t show up to court, he could get an additional 1 to 6 years added to his 12 year sentence agreement.