Medicaid Cuts A Concern With ACA Replacement Bill

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- As discussions continue about a replacement for the Affordable Care Act, some in Arkansas are keeping a close eye on what will happen.

John Newman, the executive director of Life Styles in Fayetteville, said he isn't sure how the replacement would affect them, but said he is worried about proposed cuts to Medicaid.

Life Styles is an organization that helps people with developmental disabilities become independent.

Newman explains many of their clients rely on Medicaid to get the services provided by their organization.

He and others are doing what they can right now to prepare for any possible cuts.

This includes making calls to representatives and senators about this issue along with working to reform the system.

“I think our largest funder for at least our organization is a program called Medicaid Waiver that’s reliant on Medicaid," Newman said. "We’re currently in the state trying to reform that system to save some money.”

Newman said looking for ways to save money, be more efficient, as well as continuing to provide the same services to those who need it is the best thing they can do until more action is taken in the federal government.

If the cuts were to happen, Newman said many different problems could arise all over the state.

For Life Styles, those problems could include letting go of employees.

“You’d be talking about individuals that we support, clients with disabilities not being able to access our services," Newman said. "You may have individuals that currently live in the community having to live back home because they no longer have the supports they need in the community.”