ACLU Files Lawsuit Against Rogers, Fort Smith Over Panhandling Laws

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ROGERS (KFSM) — The Arkansas American Civil Liberties Union filed lawsuits against three cities challenging their panhandling laws on Wednesday (June 28).

The lawsuit claims that the city ordinances in Fort Smith, Rogers and Hot Springs that restrict panhandling also violate the First Amendment. Read the full lawsuit here.

Glynn Dilbert filed the lawsuit against Fort Smith and Rogers, which names Nathaniel Clark, Fort Smith police chief, and Hayes Minor, Rogers police chief, as the defendants.

According to the lawsuit, Dilbert says that he was harassed and cited for panhandling in both cities. He said the laws in place there have made him hold back from panhandling, or exercising his rights.

The lawsuit asks for injunctions to be placed against Chief Clark and Chief Minor to keep them, and their employees, from enforcing the city ordinances restricting panhandling. It also asks for the court to declare that the ordinances violate the U.S. Constitution.