Flooding Hits Moffett

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MOFFETT (KFSM) -- Streets in Moffett were closed for several hours on Friday (June 30) after rain rolled through the area.

"Between eight and nine this morning the water started coming up and of course it went down here where we're in a floodplain, so therefore the water doesn't have anywhere to go," Police Chief Riley Brooks said.

Brooks started closing off the streets in his small town as it took on the water and watched as it closed in on a few houses.

"The water did make it up to the cinder block right there. It has actually went down quite a bit over the course of the day. It did not go in the home," he said.

Even though there was pretty extensive flooding, the town said it is nothing compared to what they have seen in the past.

"It was last year 2016 when we had the flood here when the river came in. It came in from the west to the east and it flooded city hall and Main Street was completely impassable," Brooks said.

Some homeowners have dealt with the problem by raising their houses. One family built their house on a concrete slab that is four feet tall. Crews said in some areas the water flooded the streets higher than three feet.

A lot of the water receded throughout the day, but emergency crews are on standby because another round of rain is expected to move through Friday night.