U.S. Nominee For Fire Administrator Gives Keynote To New Recruits

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ROGERS (KFSM) -- A new class of Rogers fire recruits were welcomed by President Trump's U.S. nominee for fire administrator.

This made the day even more special for one recruit in particular.

Paul Kaneshigee said his lifelong dream was to follow in the foot steps of his uncle and graduate from fire recruit school.

"I've wanted to be a firefighter since as long as I could remember, honestly I was probably one of those kids that had that dream as a seven year old boy and kind of held on to it." Kaneshigee said.

For Kaneshigee, it was an honor to hear Oklahoma City fire chief and President Trumps U.S. nominee for fire administrator Keith Bryant give the keynote address.

"It's unbelievable when we heard that he was coming to be our keynote speaker. It's kind of more like shock and awe you know. It really put the pressure on us," Kaneshigee said.

The Oklahoma City chief accepted the invitation to speak as a way to give back to the new class of recruits.

"I've been fortunate and blessed along the way that I had great leaders that I worked for that not only encouraged me but taught me the things that I think were important." Bryant said.

Chief Bryant says there's one piece of advice all new recruits should hear.

"This is a calling and they need to look at it that way is not just merely a career or a job this is something I believe to do it well and to enjoy it to the extent that you should, you should feel called to do it," he said.

Bryant says when he gets into his new role he plans to focus on firefighter health and safety.