Park Rangers Work To Keep Boaters Safe For Fourth Of July

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PRAIRIE CREEK (KFSM)-- As boaters take to Beaver Lake for the holiday weekend, sheriff's deputies and park rangers are patrolling the water to keep people safe.

Alan Bland, a park ranger with the Army Corps of Engineers, was out Sunday (July 2) afternoon doing just that.

“Just being seen, talking to people to educate them, that’s the key out here," Bland said.

He continued to say that they just want to keep people safe and getting people home is their number one goal.

Some of the actions they take to accomplish this is to simply check in with boaters to make sure they have enough life jackets for everyone.

He advises that the water level on the lake is still high and that people need to be cautious.

“There’s still a little debris in the water especially on the south end of the lake so we want to encourage everybody to have a lookout and to be careful," Bland said.

Even though there may be this added hazard, Bland said the lake is still ready for the crowds.

He estimated that they would see hundreds of thousands of people around the lake this season.

For those attending the fireworks show July 2, Bland advised people to check their lights and to be patient as everyone tries to exit the water once the show was over.