Greenwood City Council To Decide On Kina K-9’s Retirement

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Greenwood (KFSM) -- All eyes are on Greenwood City Council members as they are faced with a tough decision over K-9 officer Kina.

Kina's handler, Dennis Wisner has been with the Greenwood Police Department for some time and has now taken another job in government.

"I was just a patrolman until October of 2013. That's when I got partnered with Kina. It has changed me for the better. I didn't know it  was possible to be bonded with an animal the way that we are bonded," Wisner said. "I had an opportunity arise out of the blue. I wasn't looking for it. It came to me. It was a better fit for my family. It's a better opportunity that I couldn't pass up. I had to take."

Wisner and Kina have been through a lot together. They both were at the Sebastian County home last year when deputy Bill Cooper was shot and killed. Kina was also hit with bullets. Wisner and his family nursed Kina back to health and she eventually returned back to work.

"It's like she's our actual dog, even though we know she's the city's," said 13-year-old Abigail Wisner, officer Wisner's daughter.

Wisner said Abigail helped in Kina's recovery and she help take care of the K-9 when he is away.

Now, the Greenwood City Council faces a dilemma. What will happen to Kina now that Wisner is no longer with the police department as a full time officer? The department did say he will still be a reserve officer.

"I don't know yet," Wisner said. "We're still waiting on the city and the police department to decide if she will retire with me or continue working."

The Wisner family wants to keep Kina in their family. City council members will be asked on Monday night to retire Kina the K-9 officer. It is yet to be known how the council will vote.

"If it was my decision, her last day would have been Dennis' last day. I think it's important they stay together. They both help each other heal from that day," Greenwood Police Chief Will Dawson said. " She is city property. We don't think of her that way but black and white issue wise, she is city property."