Memphis Restaurant Faces Drama Online After Responding To Negative Review

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (CBSNews) — A vegan cafe in Memphis has sparked a lot of online drama after they responded to a negative review detailing a customer’s experience with a naked toddler, CBS affiliate WREG reports.

“It’s not about this baby or her naked bottom. It was about haters,” Imagine Vegan Cafe owner Kristie Jeffrey told WREG. “And those with a negative outlook on veganism to have an avenue to backlash.”

It all began when a customer shared her experience at the Imagine Vegan Cafe, saying her meal came with a side of a child showing off her bottom and another singing while she was trying eat.

Owners Kristie and Adam Jeffrey said there was an incident, but they added that the review didn’t tell the whole story.

“She’s just discovered there is Velcro on her diaper,” Kristie said. “She ran straight out to the restaurant, did a loop around. My husband was right behind her and quickly scooped her up.”

The drama online really began after the restaurant’s owners posted on its Facebook page and called out the negative poster by name.

When asked if she regretted the response, Kristie said, “I don’t because I’ve had to keep my mouth shut, and I am not scared anymore.”

The couple told WREG they have since received hundreds of prank calls and so many hurtful comments on unrelated posts that they’ve had to deactivate their Facebook account.

“It’s not normal for her to be in the restaurant with no clothes on,” said Adam Jeffrey. “That is a rare one-time incident. It’s been turned into something way more than it was.”

WREG reached out to the woman who originally posted the comment, but she did not want to give a comment on camera. However, she said her review was honest and that she was shocked by the harassment that followed it.