Little Girl From Local Television Commercial Now A Teenage Business Owner

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Abby Parker is the boss at Revamp'd, a local consignment store.

"19-year old-Abby is my boss. And I'm 59 years old. It's great," one worker said.

Just ten years ago, Parker was the face of a commercial run by a local store, Designer Again. Now, she's taken on a bigger role running a spin-off of that store.

"There's just always something to do," she said.

Designer Again is her mother's store. It's in its 26th year of business this month. Abby started there when she was 16.

"(My mom) started her business at 19 years old. I started mine at 18," she said proudly.

Abby beat her mother to the punch by a year.

"I felt really awesome cause I was like one year ahead of (mom)," she playfully joked.

"There was just something calling me here. And, it just kind of clicked to me. I just started doing it," she said of the store's origins.

Parker designed the entire store. It sells clothes, antiques, and vintage tools among other things.

"I just had these ideas about things," she explained.

The teenager has a section of the store dedicated to clothes she designed.

"And they're actually going off," she said, "big hit."

Her goal is to expand. She says not for the power or the money, but for the story.

"And where (the story) came from, and what it makes people feel, the emotions that keep bubbling inside when you find something you can't find anywhere else," said Parker.

Owning a business can be a challenge for anyone, but Parker is taking it in stride.