Family Loses Home And Four Pets In Sequoyah County Fire

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Sallisaw (KFSM) -- Fire crews said a home in Sallisaw caught fire on Friday morning (July 14) likely due to an electrical issue. Two teenagers were home at the time of the fire.

"I smelled the smoke and when I smelled it I kind of freaked out and shook her," 16-year-old Adrianna Little said.

Her friend, 15-year-old Davin-Le Chavez was staying with her at the time.

"If it wasn't for her waking up and shaking me awake we probably wouldn't have gotten out of there," Chavez said.

The pair said they pushed an air-conditioner out of a window to get to safety.

The parents were at work at the time and on their way home. The girls said a neighbor helped them in their effort to rescue their four dogs.

"They tried to kick in the door. They kicked it in and we were hollering for the dogs, but we couldn't get them out," Little said. "We had two boxers, a hound dog and a Boston Terrier. Honestly, they were like kids. We would make them pancakes and stuff for them."

The family said they also lost two hedgehogs and two guinea pigs in the fire.

An account has been set up for the family at the First National Bank of Sallisaw under the name Dawn and Michael Little.