Hindsville Church Begins To Rebuild After Being Destroyed By Fire

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HINDSVILLE (KFSM) –A congregation will soon once again have a church. Astounding Grace Ministries Church was destroyed in a fire on January 26.

Pastor Butch Bolinger said though the fire destroyed their church building it didn’t destroy their church.

“You know you think about all the things that could go wrong when you have problems like this and it seems like it didn’t go wrong…everything just kind of worked out,” Bolinger said.

They began rebuilding on Friday (July 14). What was just a concrete slab after the fire became the beginning of their church with the walls going up.

The builders estimate that in just a week the church will once again have a roof.

Bolinger said they’ve been having Sunday services since the fire at a heating and air conditioning company several miles away. He said they rented their old church, but since the fire the land they’re rebuilding on was given to them by the owner.

“I think not only did it help the church but it helped the community. I think everybody realized that things can happen and sometimes bad things happen but good results come out of it,” he said.

Deacon Roger Wade said the amount of support they’ve received has been overwhelming.

“It would take us an hour to tell you how we’ve been blessed with what God’s done with our church by bringing stuff in that people have donated and gave us that, it would take an hour,” Wade said.

Once the outside of the church is finished, the congregation plans to work together to finish the inside. They hope to be holding services in their new church by early this fall.