Sequoyah County Warns Of Credit Card Theft After Unauthorized Card Scanner Found In Gas Pump

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SEQUOYAH COUNTY (KFSM) — The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office is warning people of possible credit card theft after an unauthorized card scanner was discovered inside a gas pump in Gore, Oklahoma.

Gore police recovered an unauthorized device from inside a gas pump at a convenience store on Thursday (July 13). After contacting the FBI, it was discovered the card reader had been hard wire into the existing card scanner on the pump.

They believe the perpetrators use these devices to download credit card information and hack into bank accounts. The sheriff’s office said these types of devices have been found more frequently around the country in recent months.

The sheriff’s office asks that you be cautious and do regular check of your back accounts.

If you have been a victim of credit card theft, contact the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office at (918) 775-1213.