University Of Arkansas Offers Live Tours Of Residence Halls For Incoming Students

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- The housing office at the University of Arkansas has been giving incoming students a look at some of the places they will soon call home.

The University Housing Office estimated that there will be enough residence hall space for the more than 5,500 students will live in on-campus housing in the Fall 2017 semester.

In an effort to familiarize those students with the residences halls, the housing office has been streaming live virtual tours of the dorms, which have given students and parents the chance to ask questions.

"A lot people don't know what to do whenever they get here. They're not familiar with this dorm room. Some people have never been inside the dorms actually," said Molly Strickland, a junior student. "It's just nice because they can ask any of the questions they may have."

During the tours, viewers are shown the main areas of the residence hall, where they are shown study areas and game rooms to the more important bathrooms and dorm rooms.

This is the second year that the live tours have been available to students.

Christopher Spencer, assistant director for marketing and strategic communications for University Housing, said the video tours received thousands of views last year.

"If they can see what they are arriving to, where they're going to be living, that curbs a lot of anxiety," Spencer said.

Strickland said she too felt that anxiety last year, which subsided after watching the virtual tours.

She said she hoped that her experience will do the same for other people.

"Going from last year being a student about to move into a hall, and then this year just getting to do that and being that help for that extra person, it's really nice," said Strickland. "[It] makes it a lot easier."