Study Suggests Washing Reusable Water Bottles After Each Use

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- A study by Treadmill Reviews shows if a reusable water bottle is not washed after every use, it could contain quite a bit of bacteria.

A long workout calls for water, but as you take a drink from your reusable bottle, do you know how dirty it really is?

"I don't want there to be any kind of build-up, bacteria or anything like that," Gabriel Carroll said. "I usually try to wash it every night when I get home."

The new study shows reusable water bottles could contain more bacteria than a dog chew toy or even a kitchen sink.

5NEWS visited a local gym to find out just how often people are washing their bottles.

Chance Johnson said he washes his bottle around two times a week.

"I don't really put anything in it but water and pre-workout," Johnson said.

Johnson said he believed the information that the study shows.

"Some of these water bottles, you put protein in it and they get to be pretty stinky, pretty nasty," Johnson said. "So, I believe it."

Even the athletes who said they wash their bottle after every use are shocked by the study.

"No, that's gross," Lanessa Altes said. "I'm glad I was it. Now, I might wash it a little more."

"It's pretty gross," Carroll said. "But, at the same time, not too surprising. I can totally believe that."

Now, they're hoping others in the gym will wash more often.

"Hopefully it kind of grosses them out and they wash it," Carroll said. "I've never understood why they wouldn't wash it immediately."

The study also looked at which type of water bottle is the cleanest. A straw top water bottle showed to have the least amount of bacteria. Experts say stainless steel bottles are the best when it comes to staying clean.

For the complete study, visit the Treadmill Reviews website.